About us

Welcome to the most popular hub of medical tourism.
Experiencing regeneration and beauty in Budapest at unbelievable prices: this is Beauty Holidays.

We are unique in offering medical services up to 50-70% cheaper in four fields: dentistry, plastic surgery, hair transplant, and vision correction.

Why choose us? 



  • Leading clinics – Luxury clinics in Budapest offer services that are unique in the whole of Europe.
  • Cutting edge procedures – Innovative and safe cosmetic and medical treatments with quick recovery.
  • The Budapest experience – We make your preparations for the intervention and your recovery more pleasant by offering programmes, sightseeing, and gourmet dinners and more.
  • Much better prices – 50 to 70% lower costs than at British or German clinics.
  • Support and attention – We welcome you at the airport and take you to your treatments.
  • At your request, we provide qualified medical nurses.
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