B.TOX Treatment For Wrinkles

What should you know about a B.TOX treatment for wrinkles? What happens during the first consultation?

B.TOX treatment is an umbrella term; therapies that belong under this heading are performed with the help of the proper diluted solution of botulinum toxin. The application of this treatment is widespread. Besides the treatments of facial wrinkles it can be applied for eyebrow lifting, forming of a more open eye socket, the correction of the flashing out of the upper gum, lip shaping, tics, vascular spasms causing migraine, the ending of excessive perspiration (hyperhydrosis).

In the appearance of most wrinkles the dynamic operation of the mimic muscles plays an important role. The frequent wrinkling of the forehead, smiling, frowning may lead to the occurrence of furrows and wrinkles. The point of the B.TOX treatment for wrinkles is that it prevents the formation and the deepening of the wrinkles by temporarily limiting the operation of the mimic muscles, temporarily blocking the muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles and the transmission of the stimulus between the peripheral nerves and muscles. The degree of its effect somewhat depends on the amount of the B.TOX used and the place of the injection.

During the first consultation you discuss with our plastic surgeon what kind of treatment would be appropriate in your case in order to meet your expectations. During the consultation you have the opportunity to clarify all questions that may arise, for which we can provide all necessary information and you have the chance to see the reference photos of the plastic surgeon.

B.TOX treatment for wrinkles

The treatment only requires 15 minutes, in the course of which the plastic surgeon injects the diluted solution of botulinum toxin in the area that needs to be treated. The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia applying anesthetic cream or lidocaine spray.

The techniques of the treatment for wrinkles

After applying the anesthesia the plastic surgeon injects the substance with the help of a thin needle on the previously planned and marked points. In the course of the treatment the experience of the plastic surgeon is of particularly great importance. The efficiency of the treatment is determined by the proper choice of the location and method of the injection and the amount of the substance. In case of deeper wrinkles the treatment can be supplemented by the application of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, but only about one week after the B.TOX treatment, when the crinkling effect of the muscles cannot remove the filling.

Recovery and risks of the treatment

The B.TOX treatment is not a surgical procedure, so we cannot really talk about a recovery period. After the treatment you can freely start working or continue with your regular routines. Horizontal posture of the body must be avoided after the treatment, since the injected toxin might percolate to other areas as well. The most frequent side-effect of the treatment is swelling on the treated area, haemorrhage, torpidity, passing head ache, rarely the feeling of sickness, but these symptoms will automatically pass.

The results of the B.TOX treatment for wrinkles

The components of B.TOX develop their effect in several steps; this is why the maximum effect evolves a few days after the treatment. The duration of the results depends on more factors, such as the doze of the substance, its inactivation, its dilution and the method of the injection. Generally, a new treatment is necessary after 4-5 months. Of course, because of the listed factors, this period might be longer or shorter as well. Following the treatment you will see your wrinkles begin to fade, your skin smooth out on the treated area, and your face rejuvenates compared to your biological age.

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