Breast Augmentation With Lift

What should you know about a combined breast surgery? What happens during the first consultation?

The size and shape of the breasts are genetically determined. Childbearing, breastfeeding, substantial weight loss or gain may have an unfavorable effect on the previously aesthetic, rotund shape. The glandular breast tissue of most women dwindles in the course of time and they experience that the skin considerably elongates, the breasts sag, their solidity and fullness decreases. In the course of the breast augmentation with lift the new, aesthetic form is achieved by inserting implants and lifting the breasts.

During the first consultation, after an examination, our plastic surgeon discusses the necessary procedure(s) with you. He explains to you the course of the combined breast surgery, the risk factors, and shows you where your incisions will be located after the operation. He also shows you the different types of implants; together you will choose the one which is most suitable. When choosing the size and type of the implant, the plastic surgeon takes into account your bodily conditions, the build-up of your breasts, and your personal desires. At the consultation you have the chance to see the reference photos of the plastic surgeon.

Preparing for the breast augmentation with lift

Before the combined breast surgery you must go for a complete medical check-up. The reason for this is to reveal whether you have any health problems that could have an influence on the breast surgery. All preliminary examinations are made at our Plastic Surgery Institute, saving you the pains of queuing and waiting in other health centers. In the course of the examination laboratory tests and as occasion requires, other examinations (ECG, X-ray, breast ultrasound, mammography, etc.) are performed according to the suggestion of the plastic surgeon.

In certain cases we advise our patients to change their lifestyle is in the days preceding the combined breast. To facilitate proper recovery, it is important that you do not smoke, because nicotine slows down the processes of regeneration and harmfully influences the healing of the wound. In the days before the breast surgery you should eat light food, drink lots of fluids, and take some vitamins (vitamin C, selenium, zinc. Two weeks before the breast surgery you should avoid the use of aspirin, ginko biloba and other naturopathic products.

The breast augmentation with lift

The point of the breast augmentation with lift is to supplement the lacking volume with an implant and the correction of the dwindled breast. The breast surgery is performed under general anesthesia in all cases. In our Plastic Surgery Institute we apply the most modern implants, for which the manufacturer undertakes a lifelong guarantee. We use German, American or Brazilian made implants. As for their shape, they can be round or drop-shaped; the surface of them might be textured or polyurethane foam. Depending on the type of the combined breast surgery, the procedure takes 2-2.5 hours.

The techniques of the breast augmentation with lift

The technique of the operation means the choice and localization of the necessary incisions. In the course of the combined breast surgery three incisions are made on the breast, one around the nipple, then from there vertically downwards, and finally perpendicularly under the breast in the breast fold. Followingly, the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle or the gland stock. In case it is necessary to achieve symmetry the plastic surgeon eliminates the superfluous epidermis, a part of adipose tissue and the gland stock. Then he forms the new shape of the breast and places the nipples in anatomical position.

Recovery and risks of a breast augmentation and lift

In our Plastic Surgery Institute we aim to make the period after the breast surgery as convenient as possible for you. In order to do this, a waterproof bandage is placed on the wounds, so you can even have a shower at home. After the breast augmentation with lift you must spend one night in our Plastic Surgery Institute. To achieve the perfect result and look we work with self-absorbing stitches, this way the scars heal much more aesthetically and we save you the possible inconvenience of the stitch removal. After the breast surgery you must wear a special bra for 8 weeks. Our institute provides you with these items of clothing.

In the first 2 weeks of the recovery all demanding physical activities must be avoided. After 2 weeks you can gradually return to your previous lifestyle. After three weeks you can start to do light exercises. Sunbathing, going to swimming pools and the use of solarium and sauna must be avoided for 2 months. After the combined breast surgery you have to attend control examinations on the 7th and 14th day, and the 6th and 12th week. The recovery time of the outer scars is 6 months, while the inner scars heal completely in 2 years. To facilitate the healing of the wound it is advisable to use scar creams.

Before the breast surgery we aim to filter out the possible risk factors with preliminary examinations, but even so unpredictable complications may occur. Breast surgeries count as routine plastic procedures and the chance for the occurrence of complications is extremely slight, but it cannot be excluded. Such complications can be the following: infection, oedema, serous oedema, or the formation of a keloid scar, temporary alteration regarding the sensitivity of the nipples, asymmetry between the two breasts.

The results of the breast augmentation with lift

After eliminating the superfluous skin and supplementing the necessary volume, your breasts will be rotund and shapely again. After the breast surgery a thin, inconspicuous scar is left on the skin at some visible and invisible places. The scars are permanent, but they will fade with time. The breasts will obtain their final shape after half a year.

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