Dermal Fillers

What should you know about wrinkle treatment? What happens during the first consultation?

With the aging of the body the skin of our faces goes through constant changes as well. Sunshine and other harmful external effects cause delicate furrows and wrinkles. In the course of time the activity of the sebaceous glands reduces, this way your skin becomes drier and drier, losing its previous flexibility and tightness. Unfortunately, this is incontrollable, so we all have to face the above problems sooner or later. The popularity of different dermal fillers is due to the fact that they restore the youthful look of the face without surgical procedure. In the case of dermal fillers, the little wrinkles on the forehead, around and between the eyebrows, around the nose and the lips are smoothed out by injecting fillers.

During the first consultation our plastic surgeon examines the condition of your facial skin, and then you can discuss which wrinkles you wish to be smoothed out. The surgeon provides you with a personalized expert opinion about the necessary procedure(s), informs you about the attributes of the different fillers, and then together you will choose which method and substance would be the most appropriate in your case. In case you have already had a wrinkle treatment you should inform the plastic surgeon about it, since that might determine the type of the chosen filler. At the consultation you have the chance to see the reference photos of the plastic surgeon.

The dermal fillers

With dermal fillers we primarily treat the wrinkles that occur as an effect of the atrophy or lack of connective tissue. At our Plastic Surgery Institute we primarily use dissolvable fillers. The application of an anesthetic injection is not necessary during wrinkle treatment, since that would be more painful than injecting the filler itself. For this reason, we apply lidocaine spray or anesthetic cream. The plastic surgeon sterilizes and anesthetizes the surface, then injects the dermal filler with a thin needle. Depending of the type of the wrinkle treatment, the procedure takes 10-15 minutes.

The techniques of the wrinkle treatment

There are several injection techniques, which concern the depth, direction and the continuity of the injection. During the first consultation the plastic surgeon informs you in detail about the technique necessary in your case. At our Plastic Surgery Institute we apply the dissolvable dermal fillers of the Juvederm product line. The prime active substance of this product is hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of our skin. With the progression of age the hyaluronic acid in our body continuously reduces. Due to Juvederm filler, we can compensate for what the skin has lost in the course of time. Juvederm Ultra is the only dermal filler product containing hyaluronic acid, which contains anesthetic as well, so its application means minimal pain.

Recovery and risks of the dermal fillers

Dermal filler treatment is not a surgical procedure, so we cannot really talk about a recovery period. After the treatment you can freely start working or continue with your regular routines. In some cases haemorrhage or swelling might occur, but it will automatically pass in a few days.

The results of the wrinkle treatment

The results of the wrinkle treatment are immediately visible, wrinkles smooth out, and the features of the face soften. In the morning you will look in the mirror with pleasure, you will feel as if you have experienced time travel, as if you are looking at yourself from a decade earlier.

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