Dermal Filling Treatment For Under Eye Hollows

What should you know about dermal filling treatment for under eye hollows and dark circles? What happens during the first consultation?

Stress, an unhealthy diet, bad sleeping habits or poor sleep and natural ageing processes often cause under eye hollows (tear troughs) and dark circles. The passing of time also affects our skin: it gradually becomes thinner, loses its elasticity, and it becomes harder for the body to repair and regenerate skin cells, which causes sunken hollows and dark circles under the eyes. Ageing inevitably causes connective tissues to gradually lose their tightness, which also leads to the appearance of under eye dark circles. It is often difficult to cover up under eye bags and circles with make-up, too. However, dermal filling treatment can rejuvenate the sensitive area around the eyes without involving surgery or other invasive procedures, making this treatment very popular.

During your first appointment our plastic surgeon will assess the current skin condition on your face and your eyes. You will discuss the problems you experience in detail, and the surgeon will advise you about whether dermal filling treatment should be supplemented with facial rejuvenation or other treatments. The physician will make a personalized medical recommendation regarding the suggested procedures. He will explain the properties of the different filling materials to you, and then the two of you will choose the treatment and the filler that will be most suitable for you. Please let your plastic surgeon know if you have previously had wrinkle filling treatment of dermal filling treatment for under eye hollows, as this affects which filling material will be appropriate for you. 

Filling up under eye bags

Dermal filling treatment for under eye hollows involves the use of an injectable implant to replenish the lost volume (i.e. the hollow area) under the eyes, and to smooth out fine lines around the eyes and on the face. Our Plastic Surgery Institute uses self-absorbing fillers. The use of anaesthetic injections is usually not necessary with this treatment, as these would be more painful than injecting the filler itself. The plastic surgeon first disinfects and anaesthetizes the treatment area, then uses a thin needle (a blunt-edged cannula) to inject the filler. As a result of the treatment, the circles under the eyes disappear, the wrinkles are smoothed out, the face is revitalized, and the skin regains it elasticity and tightness. The procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. 

Techniques of dermal filling under the eyes

There are several techniques regarding the depth, the angle and the continuity of injecting the filler. During the first consultation the plastic surgeon will provide you detailed information you about the technique most appropriate for you. Our Plastic Surgery Institute uses Teosyal Redensity II, a revolutionary self-absorbing dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid, to fill up the area under the eyes. Hyaluronic acid is a major component of our skin, but with the passing of time its quantity gradually decreases in the body. Thanks to Teosyal’s filler, we can replenish what the skin has lost over the years. 

Recovery and the risks of dermal filling for under eye hollows

Dermal filling treatment for under eye hollows and dark circles is a non-surgical treatment; therefore we cannot really talk about a period of convalescence in this case. You can return to work and resume your daily routine immediately after treatment. In a few cases some bleeding under the skin or swelling around the eyes may occur. These problems disappear within a few days without treatment.

The results of dermal filling for under eye hollows and dark circles

The results of dermal filling for under eye hollows and dark circles are immediately visible.The bags under the eyes disappear, the wrinkles become softer and smoother, and the puffiness of the lower eyelids is reduced. The filling material stimulates collagen production, making the thin skin under the eyes more elastic and healthy. You will be delighted to look into the mirror in the morning; your eyes will regain their enticing, youthful look.

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