The space technology of laser treatments. It is the most modern Swiss femto lasik treatment using 2 lasers, available in Hungary.

We Recommend It For Those Who Wish For A Perfect Result, Consider Quickness And Innovation The Most Important, And Believe In Advanced Technology And The Maximum Result 

It is the safest treatment due to the most advanced and most innovative technology. It is the most convenient and most effective procedural technique to provide a fully pain-free treatment, as well as the best and quickest result. The quickest recovery time and the sharpest crystal clear vision already on the first day.

The Most Important Data 

It is the most precise and the safest laser-assisted vision improvement treatment ever used in Hungary.

DiamondFEMTO is tender to your eyes: The treatment lasts for only a few seconds, in general it takes only 12 seconds to create the flap.
DiamondFEMTO is convenient and pain-free: the patient is lying on a comfortable surgery bed, and the patient’s head is not fixed. The special eye monitoring system ensures that eye movement will not cause any problems.
No inflammation: DiamondFEMTO treatment involves practically minimum risk.
Quick result: DiamondFEMTO treatment results in a perfect vision already in 2 or 3 hours, as well as in a quicker and more balanced recovery than usual.
Extremely low interaction with the eye: the laser treatment is so quick that it has the shortest possible impact on the eye and due to the small size of laser spots the corneal tissue is not damaged.
Low level of cornea damage: DiamondFEMTO uses low pulse energy, which is essential for the lowest level of cornea damage caused during the treatment. This ensures a balanced and uniquely quick recovery.
Side effects and complications are very rare in DiamondFEMTO treatment. The probability of side effects during the surgery, subsequent eye dryness and blurred night vision is lower than in traditional femto treatments.
DiamondFEMTO provides a solution in special cases as well: Due to the extremely high frequency of the laser, it can create the corneal layers with unprecedented precision. As a result of this, an ultra-thin flap is created, which allows laser-assisted treatment for those patients as well who are short-sighted to a great extent, or who have very thin cornea.

DiamondFEMTO procedure is carried out at our clinic with one of the quickest femtosecond lasers available in the world market, the Ziemer LDV femtolaser.

During the DiamondFEMTO treatment the Ziemer laser produces approximately 400 million tiny gas bubbles in a predetermined layer of the cornea. These microscopic bubbles create the flap, which is lifted, and laser-assisted correction happens in the deeper corneal layer.

The unprecedented tiny bubble size allows our specialists to create a special flap whose features can be fully adjusted to the characteristics of the patient’s eye. Compared to traditional femto lasers, bubbles are positioned a lot more densely so tissue bridges are much smaller.

It is a treatment using two lasers as the first laser creates the flap with the help of the bubbles, then the second laser reshapes the curve, which causes your diopters to disappear and you will have laser eyes at the end of the treatment.

The Quickest

DiamondFEMTO laser is the quickest – it is a hundredfold quicker than traditional femto lasers. But here quickness does not reduce success, on the contrary. The shorter laser impact is made on the eye, the shorter the recovery time is.

The Most Innovative Technology

Ziemer Femto laser is designed and produced in Switzerland. This is the most advanced innovation among the femtolasers available worldwide. It is designed with customization, precision and safety taken into account. Swiss quality guarantees the highest technological standards.

The development aimed at creating the most customized possible flap with the use of this equipment, to provide the best possible laser-assisted vision. Laser energy is one hundredth of that in traditional femto and intralasik lasers, which provides inflammation-free recovery.

This advanced technology is for the success of both the doctor and the patient. The success of Swiss design is evidenced by more than 2 million treatments carried out worldwide.

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