Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

What should you know about an eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)? What happens during the first consultation?

In the course of time the skin of the upper and lower eyelid may easily become wrinkled and saggy due to the weakening frame of the skin. With the progression of age the eyelid becoming thinner and thinner, the skin descends on the upper eyelid, and this disturbs the vision and means a difficulty in applying make-up as well. Fatty deposits might pile up under the skin of the eyelids, which can be swollen in the morning after waking up. The eyelid surgery puts an end to these aesthetic problems. In the course of the eyelid surgery the sagging skin can be corrected effectively, and you can say goodbye to swollen, baggy eyes.

Before all plastic surgery procedures a personal consultation is arranged, the purpose of which is that you get to know your plastic surgeon and following an examination discuss what kind of correction is recommended in your case. It is advisable to prepare for the consultation in advance, considering any questions that you would like to ask.

Preparing for the eyelid surgery

Before the eyelid surgery you must go for a complete medical check-up. The reason for this is to find out whether you have any health problems that could have an influence on the eyelid surgery. All preliminary examinations are made at our Plastic Surgery Institute, saving you the pains of queuing and waiting in other health centers. In the course of the examination laboratory tests and as occasion requires, other examinations (ECG, X-ray, etc.) are performed on the basis of the suggestion of the surgeon.

In certain cases a change in lifestyle is recommended during the days preceding the eyelid surgery. To facilitate proper recovery, it is important that you do not smoke because nicotine slows down the process of regeneration and harmfully influences the healing of the wound. In the days before eyelid surgery light food, a lot of liquid and vitamins (vitamin C, selenium, zinc) should be consumed. Two weeks before the eyelid surgery avoid the use of aspirin, ginko biloba and other naturopathic products.

Eyelid surgery

In the course of the eyelid surgery the loose, wrinkled skin of the upper and/or lower eyelid is excised, the adipose tissue responsible for baggy eyes and the tightness of the muscles around the eyes are corrected. The eyelid surgery is performed under local anesthesia, but in case it is required by the patient general anesthesia might be applied as well. Depending on the type of the correction, the eyelid surgery takes 30 minutes – 1 hour.

The techniques of eyelid surgery

The technique of the operation means the choice and localization of the necessary incisions. There are many types of eyelid surgery. You and your plastic surgeon decide together whether in your case the correction of the upper and/or lower eyelid is recommended. In the case of the upper eyelid surgery the incision is made in the natural horizontal crease of the eyelid through which the fatty deposits and the superfluous epidermis are removed. In case the correction of the lower eyelid is necessary, the fatty deposits and the excess skin are removed through a hidden incision made under the lower lashes.

Recovery and risks of the eyelid surgery

In our Plastic Surgery Institute we aim to make the period after the eyelid surgery as convenient as possible for you. After the eyelid surgery you can leave the institute after 6 hours of supervision. In case the plastic surgery procedure is performed under general anesthesia, you must spend one night in our Plastic Surgery Institute. The removal of the stitches is carried out on the 5th day after the eyelid surgery. Due to the small stitches the use of the self-absorbing stitches generally applied by us is not possible. After the eyelid surgery driving is not advised for a week, this is why it is also strongly recommended to leave the institute with an escort. For two-three days cold chamomile compression is recommended, avoid demanding head movements (e.g. nodding), and sleep with your head elevated. Avoid the use of make-up and wear sunglasses in the street.

On the first week of the recovery all demanding physical activities must be avoided, then you can gradually return to your previous lifestyle. After 3 weeks you can start to do light exercises. Sunbathing, the use of solarium and sauna must be avoided for 2 months. After the eyelid surgery you have to attend control examinations on the 5th and 14th day, and the 6th and 12th week.

Before the eyelid surgery we aim to filter out the possible risk factors with preliminary examinations, but even so, unpredictable complications may occur. Eyelid surgeries count as a routine plastic surgery procedures. The chance for the occurrence of complications is extremely slight, but it cannot be excluded. Such complications can be: infection, oedema, serous oedema, the formation of a keloid scar.

The results of the eyelid surgery

The incisions made during the eyelid surgery are almost completely hidden and barely visible, so only the youthful look can be seen. You must know that the surgery does not prevent aging, it only provides a younger look compared to biological age. After the eyelid surgery you can remove 5-8 years from your actual age.

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