What should you know about a labiaplasty? What happens during the first consultation?

Labiaplasty belongs to the type of plastic corrections which can be justified by aesthetic or health problems. Labia is too big could cause problems with how one dresses, as well as complications when exercising. They may also have negative influence on your sexual life. In the course of the labiaplasty the surgeon reduces the labia.

During the first consultation, after an examination, our gynecologist discusses the necessary procedure(s) with you. He explains to you the course of the labiaplasty, the risk factors, and shows you where your incisions will be located after the operation. At the consultation you have the chance to see the reference photos of the plastic surgeon.

Preparing for the labiaplasty

Before the labiaplasty you must go for a complete medical check-up. The reason for this is to find out whether you have any health problems that could have an influence on the labiaplasty. All preliminary examinations are made at our Plastic Surgery Institute, saving you the pains of queuing and waiting in other health centers. In the course of the examination laboratory tests and as occasion requires, other examinations (ECG, X-ray, vaginal ultrasound, etc.) are performed according to the suggestions of the gynecologist.

To facilitate the proper recovery it is important that you do not smoke, because nicotine slows down the processes of regeneration and harmfully influences the healing of the wound. In the days before the labiaplasty you should eat light food, drink lots of fluids and take some vitamins (vitamin C, selenium, zinc). Two weeks before the labiaplasty you should avoid the use of aspirin, ginko biloba and other naturopathic products.


In the course of the labiaplasty the increased adipose tissues are reduced after which the plastic surgeon forms the new, aesthetic labia. Labiaplasty is performed under local or spinal anesthesia. The surgery takes about 1 hour.

The techniques of the labiaplasty

The technique of the operation means the choice and localization of the necessary incisions. First of all, the numbing cream is applied to the labia. After that in the course of the labiaplasty short incisions are made, the surgeon removes the sagged, superfluous skin and adipose tissue from the labia area and fixes the skin of the labia using dissolvable stitches. As is the case with all genital surgeries, the most practical time for performing the labiaplasty is 3-4 days after menstruation, so that the wounds can heal before the subsequent menstruation. The recovery time of the outer scars is 2 weeks; the final results need 2-3 months.

Recovery and risks of a labiaplasty

In our Plastic Surgery Institute we aim to make the period after the labiaplasty as convenient as possible for you. After the labiaplasty you must spend one night in our institute. To achieve the perfect result and look we work with self-absorbing stitches, this way the scars heal a lot more aesthetically and we save you the possible inconveniences of stitch removal. After the labiaplasty you must pay close attention to proper hygiene by washing carefully and cautiously daily.

During the first two weeks of the recovery all demanding physical activities and sexual intercourse must be avoided. After 2 weeks you can gradually return to your previous lifestyle. In four weeks time you can start doing light exercises. Sunbathing, going to swimming pools, saunas and solariums as well as taking a sitting bath must be avoided for 2 months. After the labiaplasty you have to attend control examinations on the 7th and 14th day, and the 6th and 12th week.

Before the labiaplasty we aim to filter out the possible risk factors with preliminary examinations, but even so unpredictable complications may occur. Genital surgeries count as routine plastic surgery procedures and the chance for the occurrence of complications is extremely slight, but it cannot be excluded. Such complications can be the following: urinary difficulty, post bleeding, inflammation; however, these can be treated effectively.

The results of the labiaplasty

Thanks to the labiaplasty urinary retention problems can be solved, and you can live a more wholesome sexual life. Due to the tissue protective technique and the most excellent self-absorbing stitches, the scars are barely visible; the external genitals are renewed and rejuvenated.

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