After FUE Hair Transplant

FUE means Follicular Unit Extraction or Follicular transfer is the method to obtain the follicular units which naturally occurs in groups of one used for hair transplantation.

Sleeping after Hair Transplant

After FUE hair transplant, you are required to sleep elevating your head on the pillows. It is not needed to use an antibiotic during this case. On the morning, you need to wash and shampoo your scalp for three times. Reclining position when you sleep is recommendable because it can prevent the swelling due to the procedure.

Cleaning your hair after Hair Transplant

You need to avoid showering twice a day. There will be special shampoo you need to use when washing it. You just need to massage your scalp gently. Do not worry because the grafted follicular unit are designed to fit into its sites and it will not be removed by the shower. Some used a baby shampoo because they are mild to the scalp.

The normal care of your hair will be shampooing and brushing, however, this activity must be resume 10 days after the operation because the grafts are already placed firmly. You can even have a haircut during this time.

Washing Hair

If you want to dye your hair, you need to wait for four weeks before doing it. It is also necessary to avoid alcoholic beverages for the first three days after the FUE transplant. Abstinence from smoking is also a must for two weeks.

Going out after Hair Transplant

Always wear a hut if you are exposed to sun’s light. You may also use a sunscreen with SPF 30+ after two weeks after the operation. This kind of treatment will have patients go back to their regular routine immediately. However, never rub your scalp during the first 10 days, nor apply pressure on it.

Post-operative instructions

You should follow the post-operative instructions provided by the surgeon to see a faster result. In case swelling occurs, you will be given a medication during the hair transplant. There are cases where other patients experience swelling on their forehead but never worry because it will be gone at the end of the first week after surgery.

The hair will then start to grow around 10 days after the surgery. Some cases the hair fully grow for about 6 months and others grow for a year. Expect the shreds of your old hair a few months after the surgery, therefore, the transplanted hair may temporarily appear thinner.

Hair Growth Product

There is no demand after the hair transplant like restricting you to do regular activities, as long as you follow everything you need to do what was instructed to you. You do not need to do strenuous activities during the first few days after the surgery to avoid swelling of the scalp.

In case you observe discomfort and swelling on the scalp, immediately seek consultation to the doctor to check your condition. Following the doctor’s instruction will lead to a successful treatment to avoid any complications that the hair transplant may bring.

Therefore, the result of the treatment also relies on you. Since you already got your new hair, you need to take care of it now. Avoid doing activities that may harm it and care for lit even more.

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