Buttock Augmentation Recovery Time

How long do you can not sit? 

After you undergo the proper medication and surgery for buttock augmentation with fat transfer, you need to follow procedures that will be provided to you before you go home. You will need to be properly monitored before you will be sent home to make sure that your blood pressure returns back to normal and the outcome of the surgery in the butt is achieved.

The average recovery period of the butt augmentation usually takes about 3 weeks. The recovery is longer because the blood supply needs to reach the grafted fat before the nutrients run out.

Blood vessels also need to incorporate with the graft successfully. After this, the tissues, fat grafts, and blood supply should knit together through the extracellular matrix. Extracellular matrix is the mesh of tissue that holds the blood vessels while they graft themselves.

During this time, surgeons will advise you to avoid prolonged sitting, stretching, or squatting because these movements may tear and shear the stress on the tissues. The mesh of tissues or matrix consists of protein cells and rods linking together and they looked like a structured gel but it can deform if improper movements are done.

If you can't help yourself...

But if you really need to sit, you need to place a pillow or cushion behind the legs or your hamstring muscles to avoid the pressure on the grafted fats. The surgeon will also require you to wear a support garment right after the surgery. He will inform you if how long will you need to wear the garment.

The support garment will apply a compression to the liposuction areas. You will also be provided temporary drains to be placed on the incisions to remove the excess fluid or blood.

You will also be required to sleep face down during this time. There are also medications that you need to take orally and some are needed to be applied on the augmented area for faster healing and recovery.

Other tips

Other tips that will be provided to you by the surgeon is to seek a licensed massage therapist to conduct a lymphatic massage and you will then be advised to resume it after a minimum of six to eight weeks.

It is important to follow the procedures and tips provided by the surgeon to ensure a faster recovery. Make sure to maintain your body weight and a healthy lifestyle since you are made aware that grafted parts also behave like the other fat in the body.

They may shrink if you lose weight and they may also grow if you gain weight. This means you need to make sure that you are also responsible for the result of your buttock augmentation.

There will be negative effects if you did an improper care of your butt after the operation. Remember all the doctor’s instruction for your safety, too.

Make sure also that you are well-informed regarding the follow-up consultation. You can tell the doctor regarding your condition during the recovery period especially if you suspect an unusual behavior or look of the augmented part.

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