Dental Tourism

Like surfers to Hawaii, birdwatchers to the Amazon, and climbers to Everest, Brits and Europeans head to select medical tourism destinations abroad when in need of high-quality, less-expensive, no-wait dental care.

Because nowadays it’s nearly as easy to go overseas for treatment as it is to stay home, and it’s just as reliable, too.  All over Europe there are top-notch dental clinics that specialize in all the most popular dental treatments to accommodate the scores of overseas patients they receive.

Budapest Panorama

Dental tourism (also called dental vacations or commonly known as dental holidays in Europe) is a subset of the sector known as medical tourism. It involves individuals seeking dental care outside of their local healthcare systems and may be accompanied by a vacation.

Dental tourism is growing worldwide: as the world becomes ever more interdependent and competitive, technique, material, and technological advances spread rapidly, enabling providers in "developing countries" to provide dental care at significant cost savings when compared with their peers in the developed world. In the majority of these cases the reason is saving money. Many countries offer high quality dental care for much more affordable prices and even with the cost of flight plus accommodation it turn out 50 percent cheaper than is one’s home country.

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The Hungary health care system attracts medical tourists from all around the world with its outstanding hospitals and famous wellness treatments. Hungary is the leading dental care provider in Europe with booming dental tourism industry. The majority of the patient come from the UK, France and Austria. The process is smooth and professionally arranged. Beauty Holidays offers not only the treatment but plenty of free-time activities so that your time spent in Budapest really feels like a holiday.

Dental Clinic

Once a patient lands in Budapest a driver waits him or her at the airport, takes them to the accommodation which can be also arranged by the dental clinic. Some clinics even have their own apartments, conveniently located near the clinic. Many Austrian patients seek dental treatment Hungarian cities close to the Austrian border. According to recent estimates, the country welcomes over 40% of all European dental tourists.


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