False teeth

False Teeth

Dealing with your loss tooth is not easy. It does not come as surprise since losing your tooth can bring big challenges in your life. Replacing loss teeth is very essential to ones’ general health. With incomplete teeth, you will not be able to show off yourself in your friends’ party or school reunion, because you are not confident and think that people might laugh at you. Ignoring your loss teeth will not just affect your chewing ability, but also affect the other teeth and might lead to subsequent problems. 

Furthermore, you might settle only for the soft foods because you are having trouble chewing or biting. Apart from that, you also find it hard to strike conversation to people, due to the sound you make when you speak. Luckily, you don’t need to suffer that hardships in the rest of your life.

False teeth

Your dentist can offer you the best solution to replace your teeth. If you are one of those many individuals who are dealing hard times with their incomplete teeth, dental implant is the best option.

Why Dental Implants?

Lots of individual with loss teeth avoid getting dental implants due to the misconception about discomfort and the looks of wearing false teeth. Well, here are some of the main reasons why you need to go for dental implants.

Super Tooth

  • Easier eating

People with missing teeth find it difficult to chew or bite their foods. But, with dental implant, you can eat properly as all your teeth function well the same as the natural teeth. The dental implant can restore your capability in eating. Apart from that, you will be more confident in eating your favorite food.

  • Helps improve appearance

Your missing teeth can really affect your appearance. Perhaps, no one wants to go out with missing tooth. With dental implants, you can improve the appearance of your face and you can enjoy having attractive smile. Aside from that, you will feel comfortable and confident when dealing with others.

  • Improves your speech

Your teeth are very important not only to chew the foods properly or to have an attractive smile. They are also vital for speaking. Missing tooth can affect your speaking ability. Losing few/more teeth create difficulty when you pronounce words. But, with dental implant, your speech ability will be enhanced. It can help you to speak with clarity and let you feel confident when talking to people.

  • Protects the healthy teeth

Another advantage of dental implant is that, it helps to protect your healthy teeth. Replacing your loss tooth immediately can help a lot, not to damage or affect other teeth. The dental implant can really help to avoid the healthy teeth to shift.

  • Helps maintain healthy bone

When you leave a space to your mouth right after missing teeth might lead to more health problems, such as deterioration or losing your jawbone. Your health jawbone can easily deteriorate when not use to support you’re the natural teeth, and it will lose its firmness. The dental implant is the only option to restore your dental health, that help preserves natural bone and helps to stimulate the growth of your bone and prevent losing it. 

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