Full Dental Implants in One Day

Full Dental Implants in One Day

If you have a problem because of your missing upper and lower teeth, do not be stressed thinking of the solution, as there’s a new way to have dental implants done in just one day. This one day teeth procedure will allow you to get new and permanent set of teeth.

The one day procedures of full dental implants are minimally efficient & invasive. Dental implant is strategically placed on the angle of an arch in order to take advantage of the available bone removing the needs for grafting. The full dental implants in one day procedure, new set of teeth will be attach permanently. The missing tooth can be replaced with one which is, functional and natural-looking.

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Relaxing and Comfortable Treatment

Most of the time, dental implant procedure is completed with the used of local anesthesia. However, if you are suffering from anxiety and dental pain, fear not. The full dental implant in one day procedure has wide options of sedation dentistry. You can now opt for oral sedation as it is controllable and very efficient, helping you to be relax, comfortable and pain-free treatment throughout the procedure.

Beautiful, Functional and Natural-looking Teeth

Creating your final teeth is part of the dental implant in one day. These are commonly made from high-quality acrylic that is less from splintering or chipping. Your new set of teeth are designed to perfectly align on your mouth for sturdy and strong chewing. With dental implants in one day, you can already achieve excellent results, instant satisfaction to regain your healthy and beautiful smiles at all time.

Procedures of One-Day Dental Implants

The one-day implant is composed of two major procedures. The first one is the Consultation & Diagnostic test and the second part is the Surgery procedure.

  • Consultation & Diagnostic Test

It is vital that you follow the right schedule of your appointments & consultations, because it is where you will learn more about your medical history and complete dental procedures. During your consultation, you will undergo a lot of tests. It includes x-rays, photographs and CT scans. Through these tests, your surgeon will easily determine things such as, implant placement and bone density without making rush decisions during your surgery.

  • Surgery

The second step of your one day implant is the surgery procedure, wherein surgeon will directly put implant posts in your jawbone. In this actual surgery, implant post will be quickly inserted with local anesthetic. Right after inserting the post, the replacement teeth will be attach.

This treatment procedure is considered as the modern and advanced alternative to your dentures. So, if you’re already tired of wearing your dentures, this is the best treatment as it is long-lasting, economical and stable. With dental implants, your chewing and jawbone power will be restored & preserved.

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Advantages of One-Day Implants

One of the obvious advantages of a single-day implant is the convenience and ease of procedure, eliminating the needs of multiple appointments or waiting for months. With this one day procedure, you don’t have to go out toothless, since your loss teeth can now be restore in just one day.

Some other benefits of a single-day implants are:

  • Quicker procedure
  • One surgery only
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Self-confidence
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