Hair Transplant Options for Women

Reasons for women hairloss

Women need a hair transplant since their hair has something to do with their appearance, beauty, and femininity. They are more susceptible to hair loss once they reach the age 40, or even younger.

Hair loss can be due to several factors like stress, pregnancy, lack of sleep, use of medications, untreated hypothyroidism, folic acid and vitamin deficiency. These are just temporary hair loss and can be simply treated by having a balanced diet, taking of multivitamin daily, and adequate sleep.

For permanent hair loss like trichotillomania, where a woman has an obsessive impulse to pull and pluck her hair, a hair transplant can be a solution. However, with this kind of disorder, she needs to undergo a psychotherapy first before the transplant.

Woman Hairloss

They may also suffer from a condition called alopecia, which is a non-hormonal traction or mechanical. There are also women who have patterns of baldness, like what can happen on males. This includes vertex thinning and hairline recession.

It is also possible for women to experience baldness due to trauma like accidents or victims of burns.

The procedure

During the hair transplant procedure, the surgeon used a mini grant technique and follicular unit. The transplant usually depends on the amount and quality of the donor's hair, the patient’s personal desires, and expected future hair loss.

To understand the options of having a transplant, you must consider the following factors first.

The higher the density of the hair, the more grafts can be transplanted and most especially if the laxity of the scalp is high. Laxity of the scalp means the looseness or flexibility of the scalp. The density of the hair is determined by a number of hair follicles every square meter of the scalp.

The direction where the hair grows can also affect the transplant. Fewer hairs every graft is needed for transplantation in a coarse hair. For fine hair, since it has a less bulb, it has a lesser hair needed.

Other options

Wavy or curly hair can achieve the best visual results of transplantation since it covers more area of the scalp. They also rise and fuller compared to a straight hair.

A non-surgical treatment is also the best option for women who suffer from hair loss. The women’s hair system used two standards of materials in constructing the base, either by meshes or polymer or they can also be combined together.

Woman Worried About Her Hair

Mesh fabric are made of nylon or polyester that creates a fine hairline which is a good product. It provides a natural appearance and comfortable to wear, too.

The other one is the polymer which is made up of polyurethane or silicone. This material resembles in the appearance of the scalp. More women prefer using this one because it is durable and good for long-time wearing.

Lots of people are considering the hair transplant but you they need first to understand the basics of this procedure. A consultation is still more important for you to have the right decision if you really needed a hair transplant.

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