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Every one in three men are affected by androgenic, or hereditary, baldness. Time and genetics interfere and men start to grow bald in different areas of their head. Today, hair transplantation is considered to be the only effective solution to such problems as newly implanted hairs will never fall out.

SafeSystem-FUE, the hair transplant technique used at our Hair Transplant Clinic, was developed in the USA, and since then has helped lots of balding men to regain their youthful appearance. During the procedure, a person's own hair is transplanted, the horse-shoe-shaped area at the nape being the donor zone. Hairs growing in this region are resistant to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the main factor responsible for male baldness.

Below you can check out some of our succes stories and Hair Transplant packages.


Cheap Deal Package - 1.825 - €1.999

Maximum 2.000 hair - 1-day treatment

In the package:

Airport transfer
Sightseeing Tour

Package value - 99


Dénes Safesystem-FUE in Budapest: 1600 hair for 1.299
UK Cost - 
Dénes Before Hair Transplant Dénes After Hair Transplant
Dénes before and after

Dénes visited our clinic because of your typical male balding. During a short 1-day treatment 1600 hair was enough to be implanted to reach the desired outcome


Tibor Nyilasi Jr. Safesystem-FUE in Budapest: 5480 hair for 4.000
UK Cost - 
Tibor Before Hair Transplant Tibor After Hair Transplant
Tibor Nyilasi Jr. before and after

The son of former Hungarian international, Silver Boot winner footballer, Tibor Nyilasi. Unfortunately hereditary hairloss caught up on him at a very young age and had to undergo Hair Transplant surgery. During a 2-days treatment almost 5500 hair was implanted.

Mega Value Package - 5.470 - 6.599

Maximum 6.000 hair - 2-day treatment

In the package:

Airport transfer
4-day hotel contribution
Sightseeing Tour
Gourmet Dinner
Termal Bath

Package value - 379


Norbert Hosnyánszky Safesystem-FUE in Budapest: 6800 hair for €5.999
UK Cost - 
Norbert Before Hair Transplant Norbert After Hair Transplant
Norbert Hosnyánszky before and after

After winning the 2011 Hungarian National Water Polo Championship, Hosi decided to end his baldness and get the only permanent solution for hairloss, the Safesystem-FUE Hair Transplant. Back then our Hair Transplant Clinic was already using the most advanced techniques so choosing our clinic was not really surprising. During the 2-days treatment 6800 hair was transplanted from Norbert's donor area.

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