Hair Transplant Story

Hungary’s most successful hockey player started his carreer at the age of 5. His outstanding performace made him well-known in Europe as well as the USA. When he was diagnosed with androgenic hair loss, he chose our Hair Transplant Clinic to find a permanent solution to his problem.

Every one in three men are affected by androgenic, or hereditary, baldness. Unfortunately, Levente Szuper was no exception, despite the fact that years before he had had an awe-inspiring crown of very light blond hair, although hardly visible under his helmet. Time and genetics, however, interfered and he started to grow bald in front and on the top of his head. Today, hair transplantation is considered to be the only effective solution to such problems as newly implanted hairs will never fall out.

SafeSystem-FUE, the hair transplant technique used at our Hair Transplant Clinic, was developed in the USA, and since then has helped lots of balding men to regain their youthful appearance. During the procedure, Levente’s own hair was transplanted, the horse-shoe-shaped area at the nape being the donor zone. Hairs growing in this region are resistant to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the main factor responsible for male baldness. It was exactly this genetic feature that was utilised in the hair transplant procedure Levente underwent.

Safesystem-FUE: 10800 Hair
Levente Szuper Before Hair Transplant Levente Szuper After Hair Transplant

Levente Szuper before and now

In addition to hockey, Levente is also interested in exclusive automobiles, especially convertibles. He commented on his feelings during the operation as follows: "Men have a lot in common. One of them is their love of cars, the other is baldness. By the time you are able to buy a convertible, your hair that should be waving on the top of your head has already disappeared. I myself was very young when I started balding, but I have got a new hairdo at Beauty Holidays Hair Transplant Clinic and it will stay forever."

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