How Painful Are Dental Implants?

How Painful Are Dental Implants?

Pain is actually a common concern of patients who are planning of undergoing dental implants. But of course, there are dental surgeries that come with discomfort and paints. Patients still find pain of dental implants to be really minimal. Still, the results are all worth it throughout the recovery process.

Considering the fact that dental implants are performed with general anesthesia or local anesthesia, the procedure is really not that painful. You will notice that your mouth will get numb when the implant has been surgically placed into the jawbone.

If ever you are concerned of how painful dental implant is, it is a lot better to ask your dental health expert about the sedative options. These will further make you more relaxed and calmer while in the chair of a dentist.

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After every surgical stage, expect that you will feel discomfort and pain as expected. There are lots of patients who observed that pain is the very first thing that can be felt after an implant. This is especially true when the anesthesia wears off. After the procedure, the dentist will prescribe a pain reliever that will help alleviate discomfort. OTC pain relievers are even made available.

In addition to that, you may also feel soreness in the area where the dental implant is being placed. A hole that was drilled into the jawbone will cause discomfort for a week. This is also right after the procedure. It will also exactly depend on the location of the implant. The pain will then extend to the chin, the cheeks and then below the eyes. A lot of patients also find that the pain associated in the implant surgery is equivalent to a tooth that is pulled. Still, the degree of discomfort will vary from one patient to another.

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There are also a lot of factors that may affect the pain that is felt right after the procedure. If the surgery was specifically difficult, you would still expect for more pain after. The good thing is that the majority of patients find the subsequent dental implant placement less painful as compared to the initial procedure. This will mainly involve drilling into the jawbone.

Among those side effects you will usually experience include bleeding, bruising and swelling. These will somehow disappear in a week or in about ten days. Other patients find the discomfort that wears off in just two to three days. It will still return on the fourth or fifth days. This is quite normal and this does not mean that there is something wrong. You may as well apply the ice pack right outside the mouth.

Get an adequate rest especially if your body starts to heal. As per the recovery, it will still depend on a lot of factors. Other people heal a lot faster as compared to others. If ever you still have pain 2 or 3 weeks after the dental implant, you may call your dentist. If the pain continues to linger, it could signify another problem or infection with the implant. 

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