Laser Eye Surgery Pros and Cons

Laser Eye Surgery Pros and Cons

Laser eye surgery procedures have been done for more than twenty-five years. Despite of that, this is still considered as new operation. Laser eye surgery pros and cons can help prospective patients to decide if this vision correction surgery is suited for them.

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What Are The Benefits & Risks Of A Vision Correction?

Probably, procedures of laser eye surgery can be daunting for some individuals, mainly because of apprehension about their eyes or lack of information on potential risks and benefits about it. Most of the common questions involves; How does laser eye surgery work? Is that expensive? Does it painful? What if something bad happen after the surgery?

All these questions are usually asked during the consultation and you will be surprise of the answers. This vision correction, both LASIK/PRK and LASEK procedures are normally life-changing once performed on suitable and well-selected candidates.

The outcomes for astigmatism and short-sight are expected permanently and stable for a long time. The LASIK laser eye surgery procedure is very effective for reading vision and long-sightedness though the condition for this is age-related and can be repeat after some years.

Surprisingly, vision correction will work much effectively and cheaper than wearing contact lenses or glasses over lifetime.

Laser Eye Surgery’s Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Risk complications

Laser eye surgery complications are primarily about the suitability. But, with selected candidates and operated by expert surgeons can lower the risk complications. That’s why, it is very important to be careful in choosing the right clinic & surgeon for your laser eye surgery. If you have doubt about the procedures, do not force yourself to proceed.

  • Aftercare

You might feel that your eyes are itchy and dry after an hour of your surgery. That’s why, surgeons recommended patients with eye drop in order to fight that. With the used of eye drops, your eyes will be feel normal again, approximately within four hours.

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  • Safety

One thing that you can assure with laser eye surgery is that, it’s safe procedure. It is only performed by expert surgeons for a patient who is good candidate and suitable for treatment. This ensures maximum effectiveness and minimal complications, allowing the patient to achieve hundred percent success for 20/20 vision in all common prescriptions including astigmatism. 

  • Quick

Laser eye surgery takes an hour. Fifty minutes of checks & setup, ten minutes for actual surgery, and twenty to thirty minutes to relax for following treatment. 

  • Price

One of the advantages of laser eye surgery is the price. Yes, it is a bit pricey, usually between £1,200 - £2,000, that might be a big outlay. But, if compared to the cost of a person’s lifetime wearing of contact lenses or glasses, this vision correction is actually cheaper to anyone. And aside from that, it is effective and can work out lifetime.

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