Laser Vaginoplasty Surgery

The procedure

Laser vaginoplasty is also a called vaginal tightening. It is a surgical procedure that helps in tightening the lax tissues and muscles by removing the excess skin of the vagina and narrow the size of the vaginal canal aiming to achieve a tighter and smaller opening of the vagina.

This may be an embarrassing subject for you to talk to, but gynecologists and vaginoplasty surgeons are the right people where you can confide your plan. You need to ask them what you need to know and they can fully advise you of the necessary steps you need to do before and after the surgery.

Causes of stretching

The vaginal area tends to stretch especially after childbirth and it will result to a decreased or faded tome of its muscles. Aside from multiple childbirths, this procedure is also suitable for women to suffer from vaginal relaxation which is caused by hereditary factors, weight loss, lack of exercise, smoking, and other ways of life.

Other causes could be congenital disorders like adrenal hyperplasia which affects the function and structure of the vagina. This kind of treatment is an effective and long-lasting resolution for the vaginal problems.

Lotus Woman

How long is the surgery?

The laser vaginoplasty surgery usually lasts for about an hour or two and the patient can then do her regular activities after that.

It is quick, painless laser treatment which is performed by a certified gynecologist. It is performed as a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. The procedure depends on the goal of the patient, where the vaginal area is targeted.

This procedure is not suitable for women who still want to have more children. Its potential risks could be bleeding, infection, and change in the sexual sensation.

Things to do before the surgery

Before the surgery takes place:

  • You need to seek advice from the gynecology to makes sure that this procedure is suitable for you. This is also important for you to know the positive and negative effects of this surgery. In this way, you will be prepared whatever the outcome of the treatment is.
  • You will be required to discontinue the use of Aspirin and other medications that contain this substance. You should also stop taking vitamins and other supplements at the same time because these substances may cause your blood to be thinned. Blood thinning could cause bleeding, bruising, and other complications of the surgery.
  • You also need to stop smoking two weeks before and still discontinue it a week after the surgery. Nicotine from cigarettes can impair the healing and circulation of the blood.

After the surgery

During the surgery, the surgeon needs to shorten the muscles that are stretched at the back of the vagina using dissolvable stitches to remove excess skin. There will be internal and you can already walk a few days after the surgery.

Vaginal Discomfort

You can also take a rest from work for about two to three weeks until you have fully recovered and you can already feel the result of the surgery. It is also important for you to go back to the doctor for a consultation for them to make sure that you are in a good condition after you had been treated.

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