Types of Laser Eye Surgery

Types of Laser Eye Surgery

To reshape and correct your vision problems, one of the most effective procedures  is the laser eye surgery. Some people opt for laser eye surgery instead of using contact lenses or wearing eyeglasses. This surgery may heal long-sight, short-sight, hyperopia and astigmatism by the used of laser energy. 

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The common types of laser eye surgery are the following:

  • LASIK (Laser in Situ Keratomileusis)

This laser eye surgery type is one of the versions of LASIK procedure which also reduces the natural irregularities of the eye. This is one of the very common eye surgery. It begins in building-up the thin flap of the cornea, where the surgeon uses laser or blade to make the flap.

Some doctors considered the laser as the most desirable due to its precision like, fewer visually complications. However, laser LASIK is a bit pricey than LASIK with a blade. Right after the creation of flap, the laser is being used in order to correct the cornea, that reshapes the error.

  • PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy)

This technique is usually offered for low prescriptions, combined with other technique or better options for high prescriptions. Laser eye is being used in order to correct the cornea. PRK is another common laser eye surgery type. It starts in removing the portion of epithelial tissue or the surface of cornea.

With PRK, the flap creation is no longer needed and the tissue removed grows back. Most patients prefer photorefractive keratectomy as they don’t like the corneal flap. But some patients prefer LASIK especially if they have thin corneas. After the removal of epithelium, surgeon will use the laser to reshape and correct the cornea. A laser excimer is also used in PRK.

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  • LASEK (Laser eye Epithelial Keratomileusis)  

This type of laser eye surgery is almost the same to PRK (photorefractive keratectomy). However, with LASEK-laser eye epithelial, the epithelium layer of cornea remained flat for quicker treatment and reduce the chance of complications.

This is almost the same to LASIK & PRK. However, it starts in the applying alcohol in epithelium cornea. LASEK loosens the outer corneal cells, allowing the surgeon in moving them without removing for laser procedures. Once the stroma reshaped with the used of excimer laser, surgeon can now replace the epithelial cell sheets and put contact lens for it to be heal.

  • Epi-LASIK (Epithelial Laser)

This type of laser eye surgery starts just what the LASIK does. One thing different is that, the corneal flap is made of the epithelial tissues and thinner. After the creation of the flap and moved aside, the surgeon can now reshape and correct the stroma using an excimer laser.

Epithelium flap will be cover and replace with bandage of contact lens to heal. Most surgeons believed that Epi-LASIK Epithelial laser is the good choice, due to the reason that the corneal flap only exist in epithelium surface layer. And another reason is that, in Epi-LASIK procedure, there is no used of alcohol. 

These four types of laser eye surgery are all good, and can surely help anyone with eye problems. But, it is still important that your ophthalmologist will determine what is the right and the best procedure for you, that will give you an assurance to achieve the 20/20 vision after your surgery. 

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