Vaginal Rejuvenation

The procedure

Vaginal rejuvenation, also called vaginoplasty, is a type of surgical procedure performed to enhance a sexual gratification. It aims to restore the malformed tissue of the outer genitalia area of the female body.

It makes use of a special laser to completely restore and improve the appearance of the large exterior lips of the vagina which is called labia majora and the small interior lips of the vagina called labia minora.m

It is also an effective way to restore the perineal area incisions and to restore the laxity of the vagina through tightening the vaginal canal.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

When you should think about gettin a vaginal rejuvenation?

The common problem that can be corrected by vaginal rejuvenation is the loosen vagina after childbirth or even after menopause. There is also a trouble in reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Another common complaint is the leak of urine if a woman coughs, sneeze, exercising, lifting, and other strenuous activities. This is important to be corrected since the intimate relationship of both partners can suffer.

This method is suitable for women who wants to enhance the look of their vagina to give them a full confidence and feel sexy again. It plays an important benefit to cosmetic issue like wearing bikinis but deprived themselves and for functionality issue is the lack of feeling of pleasure during sexual intercourse because of the pain she feels.

This is exactly performed through the use of laser equipment in removing the excess tissue in the vaginal area, and to restore and rejuvenate the tissue that remains in the area.

Using this procedure, very thin kind of stitches are used to converge the tissues. These stitches are safe and can be absorbed by the human body for a short period of time.

It uses a non-surgical method and not even radiofrequency treatment to tighten the vagina and the labia called Thermiva. It helps in rejuvenating the vaginal area of women who suffers from vaginal appearance and condition.

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Before the treatment

Before you undergo the vaginal rejuvenation, you need to make sure that you fully understand the procedures that should be done, knows the benefits of this treatment, and what you need to do after the rejuvenation process.

It is better to have a knowledge regarding the procedure since you need to provide your full consent to the surgeon who needs to perform the surgery. You also need to go back for a consultation to make sure you are in a good condition after you are treated.

After the treatment

There is already a noticeable improvement after two treatments, however, there are times that doctors may recommend an additional session to ensure that optimal results are achieved. Each treatment session could last for about 30 minutes and the patient needs to go back a month apart for the next session.

Advantages of Vaginal rejuvenation

This is totally different from using a traditional vaginal rejuvenation. There is no anesthesia required in the procedure and patients may even have a sexual intercourse even if the full two to three sessions are not yet done.

It has a long lasting result like improvement of the appearance of the vagina, revive the patient's’ feeling of pleasure during the sexual intercourse, and it is also effective to reduce the urinary problem of the patient.

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