What is Implant Dentistry

What is Implant Dentistry

Are you afraid to smile because of your undesirable teeth? Is your self-confidence reduced by your missing/discolored teeth? Never hide that smile because of those missing and discolored teeth. If you want to have a beautiful smile, there are incredible solutions to solve that problem, and achieve the natural looks of your teeth.  

If you are wishing to achieve the good looks of your teeth, take advantage of our implant dentistry services to bring back the wonderful looks of your teeth and be more confident to smile!

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Implant Dentistry Defined

An implant dentistry is a metal frame or post that is surgically positioned in your jawbone below your gums. Implant dentistry is the best way of treatment for your missing teeth. Once decayed & damaged your teeth is removed, and the visible portions of your teeth which are the root and crown are lost.

The dental implants are placed so that, they can fuse in your natural teeth and become strong foundation for the replacement teeth. A dental implant can be the best way to replace your tooth and for denture that contains multiple teeth or for supported bridge.

Implant dentistry is the closest way for you to get healthy and natural teeth. This will let you to smile, eat, talk, enjoy, laugh confidently in all activities that you do in your everyday life. Dental implants will give you happy life without thinking or worrying about the condition of your teeth.

With dental implants, you can avoid embarrassment, enhance your appearance, and most importantly, they can help in protecting your health. An implant dentistry is designed in order for you to feel & look like your natural teeth. It will not interfere when you are eating, speaking or even in smiling. Aside from that, it will also help to protect your facial bone and keeps your teeth to be healthy.

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Oral Care Secrets for your Implants

Not all implant dentistry is successful, especially if you don’t know on how to properly take care of them. There are few steps that you can do and help you to ensure success with your implants.

  • Practice proper oral hygiene

Brushing and flossing your teeth every day is one way of good oral hygiene. Use interdental toothbrush as it slides between your teeth. It can be a big help to thoroughly clean hard areas of your implants.

One of the main reasons why most implants are not successful is because of smoking. It can make the bone structures of your implants weak and contributes a lot to implant dentistry failure.

Another important oral care tip to do is to have regular visit to your dentist. Cleanings and examining your implant every after 6 months can help to give you an assurance that your implants are properly taken care of and in a good condition.

  • Avoid chewing hard foods

Hard items like hard candy or ice can break your teeth. So, as much as possible avoid chewing hard foods as they can damage your teeth. 

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