What to Expect Before and After Buttock Augmentation

The procedure

Buttock augmentation with fat transfer involved is also called “Brazilian butt lift.” The purpose of the operation is to increase the size of the butt through fat grafting. This procedure can also be done through butt implants. There are also certain cases where both grafting and implant can be done in one operation.

It is best for people who want to increase the fullness and roundness of their buttocks. This is the solution for people who wants to build their confidence especially if they do not like the shape of their butt.

The surgery may be risky and overwhelming, however, you need to endure it if you want to enhance your butt and boost your confidence.

Buttock Augmentation

What to do you need to do before the surgery?

Before the buttock augmentation, you will need to undergo a blood test which will be done by an accredited surgeon only. There are medications that you need to take as advised by the surgeon.

You also need to stop smoking and avoid taking aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medicines because these may cause an increased bleeding.

If you have decided to undergo the surgery, make sure you are ready with the possible risks you may encounter like blood clots, pain and numbness, bruising, complications of liposuctions and anesthesia, hematoma, cyst, stretch marks, infection, swelling, and other side effects or potential complications.

Instructions and what to do after the surgery?

After the buttock surgery, you will need to be taken to the recovery room to be monitored before you will be allowed to go home. Before you leave, you will be provided a list of prescribed medicines that you need to apply the augmented area or a medicine you need to take orally for a fast healing process and avoid the infection.

There are also instructions you need to follow like how to take care of your buttocks and the schedule of follow-up consultation to check the condition of your butts after it undergoes the surgery.

Bubble Buttock

Expect that you will be required to wear a support garment after the surgery and the surgeon will tell you if how long will you need to wear it. Following these procedures will surely result in a healthy recovery.

To set your expectation, the swelling of the butt area will take several months before it totally dissipates. For buttock augmentation with fat transfer, it can take for a year before you see the full result of the surgery.

You need to expect that the fat that was transferred also behaves like any other fats in your body. This means, if you gain weight, they may also grow and it will shrink if you lose weight.

Because of this, you need to maintain your body weight and healthy lifestyle if you want to retain the new look of your buttock for a longer period.

After you encountered the surgery, you will surely be satisfied with the result since you already achieved your ever dreamed size and shape of a buttock. You will then say, it is worth facing the risk and enduring the pain.

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