Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

What should you know about rhinoplasty? What happens during the first consultation?

The character of the face is determined significantly by the size and shape of the nose, therefore it is understandable that several people decide on rhinoplasty for aesthetical reasons. The congenital deformities or deformities evolved as a consequence of an injury, and failures of the nose regarding its shape can be corrected by an operation. A great deal of information can be found on the internet, still, we advise you to ask for our plastic surgeon’s opinion during a personal consultation.

During the first consultation the plastic surgeon examines you and makes a recommendation regarding the type of rhinoplasty. There are no two people alike in the world; therefore it is very important that you receive a personalized recommendation. At the consultation you have the chance to see the reference photos of the plastic surgeon.

Preparing for the rhinoplasty

Before the rhinoplasty you must go for a complete medical check-up. The reason for this is to find out whether you have any health problems that could have an influence on the rhinoplasty. All preliminary examinations are made at our Plastic Surgery Institute, saving you the pains of queuing and waiting in other health centers. In the course of the examination laboratory tests and as occasion requires, other examinations (ECG, X-ray, etc.) are performed according to the suggestion of the surgeon.

In certain cases we advise our patients to change their lifestyle in the days preceding the rhinoplasty. To facilitate the proper recovery, it is important that you do not smoke, because nicotine slows down the process of regeneration and harmfully influences the healing of the wound. In the days before the rhinoplasty you should eat light food, drink lots of fluids and take some vitamins (vitamin C, selenium, zinc). Two weeks before the rhinoplasty you should avoid the use of aspirin, ginko biloba and other naturopathic products.


In the course of the rhinoplasty, we apply local and general anesthesia. There are two types of nose surgery procedures: open and closed rhinoplasty. Generally, we perform a closed nose surgery, in the course of which the plastic surgeon makes an incision in the inner mucous membrane of the nose, this way outer scars will not appear at all. After multiplied nose surgeries, and in certain cases when the correction requires a more detailed approach, the performance of the open rhinoplasty is necessary. In this case the incision is made on the outside of the nose, on the surface of the skin separating the nostrils. Depending on the type of the rhynoplasty, surgery takes about 1-1.5 hours.

The techniques of the rhinoplasty

The technique of the operation means the choice and localization of the necessary incisions. In the course of the rhinoplasty, after injecting an astringent solution, by making an incision on the inner mucous membrane of the nostrils the plastic surgeon detaches the mucous membrane from the surrounding tissues and the cartilaginous and bony frame, liberates the nasal septum, the cartilage of the nose and the bony nose bridge.

From the cartilaginous frame and connective tissue of the nose the plastic surgeon eliminates the parts causing the deviation, and reforms the nose tip. For shortening the length of the nose, a part of the nasal septum is removed. For forming the nose tip the removed cartilages may be used in case it is necessary. The bony hunches of the nose bridge are rasped, and the curve of the nose bridge is corrected. For narrowing the nose, the surgeon breaks the nose bones on the two sides, which will be fixed by a plaster cast.

In the course of the open rhinoplasty the incision and the necessary correction are made on the surface of the skin separating the nostrils. Nasal septum surgery may be combined with the aesthetic correction of the nose in case a nose hedge-warp causes respiratory problems or permanent sniffles. After the rhinoplasty for one day, in case of the nasal septum surgery for two days a tampon is placed inside the nostrils for the purpose of fixation and haemorrhage prevention. In the case of nose tip and nose bridge surgery a waterproof adhesive tape is placed on, while in the case of nose breaking performed for the purpose of nose narrowing a plaster cast is placed on for a week.

Recovery and risks of a rhinoplasty

In our Plastic Surgery Institute we aim to make the period after the rhinoplasty as convenient as possible for you. In case of general anesthesia is applied you must spend one night in our Plastic Surgery Institute. If the rhinoplasty was carried out under local anesthesia, in the case of a small-scale nose tip correction, you can leave after 6 hours of supervision.

In the first two weeks of the recovery you must avoid all demanding physical activities. After 2 weeks you can gradually return to your previous lifestyle. Light exercises can be started after 3 weeks, heavy training after 6 weeks, and ball games after 8 weeks. Sunbathing, the use of solarium and sauna must be avoided for 2 months. After the rhinoplasty you have to attend control examinations on the 7th and 14th day, and the 6th and 12th week. Complete recovery takes 18 months. The evolved form can be easily seen in 3-4 months, however, the final result will only be visible in 12-18 months.

Before the rhinoplasty we aim to filter out the possible risk factors with preliminary examinations, but even so unpredictable complications may occur. Nose surgeries count as routine plastic surgery procedures and the chance for the occurrence of complications is extremely slight, but it cannot be excluded. Such complications can be the following: infection, oedema, serous oedema, the formation of a keloid scar, asymmetry.

The results of the rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty attains its final form after a year, since the skin has to accommodate itself to the transformation of the bones and cartilages. The rhinoplasty has an effect on the whole look, the face becomes harmonic and glowing. Our guests who have had rhinoplasty were able to get rid of their previous complexes, which has had a positive effect in every field of their lives.

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