OptiLASIK laser treatment

Regarding your eyes, safety is in the first place. Vision is one of our most important senses. Therefore during the LASIK surgery the safety of your eyes and vision is the most important. OptiLASIK™ laser-assisted vision improvement was established to provide maximum support to safety. Therefore the most advanced technology was combined with the highest quality requirements in order to provide a safe and efficient LASIK treatment to you.

The basis of OptiLASIK™ laser-assisted vision improvement is Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser, which is manufactured by Alcon, the leading ophthalmological company of the world. Alcon knows your eyes so you can be sure that Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser is advanced enough to guarantee both the proper results and safety.

Not Overcomplicated

OptiLASIK™ laser-assisted vision improvement combines the latest surgical treatment and technique for achieving the best result and the safest LASIK treatment. However, surgery remains surgery, and as all medical interventions this treatment may have complications or side effects as well. Generally, these complications rarely occur and can be properly handled, however, you should know about them before you decide on the treatment. Consult your doctor to make sure that OptiLASIK™ laser-assisted vision improvement is the best solution to you.

Data, Facts 

Over 30 million successful surgeries worldwide so far, which makes laser-assisted vision improvement one of the most frequent surgical treatments of Western civilization.

• LASIK surgery has been used for over 20 years 
95.4% of the patients that have undergone LASIK surgery are fully satisfied with their new vision based on the research results issued by the American society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.

The most important results of the research titled “LASIK: Patient satisfaction from a global aspect”:

95.4% of those that have undergone LASIK surgery are satisfied with the result
• approximately 95% of the patients would offer LASIK surgery to their friends and the same ratio of patients would undergo this procedure again at any time
• satisfaction ratio varied between 87.2 and 100 in every country

The Treatment You Can Trust

OptiLASIK™ laser-assisted vision improvement happens by means of the innovative technology of Allegretto Wave Eye-Q Laser, and its outstanding performance. The name OptiLASIK derives from that this technology allows the LASIK treatment used for decades to be optimized and customized for the patient. Practically this means that based on the measurements carried out in the detailed pre-operative examination, the laser software enhances the precision and reliability of the laser treatment based on calculations customized for the patient.

WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Laser design follows unprecedented principles:

• extremely short surgery time
• innovative and reliable eye tracking
• easy use.

More than 16.3 million people have undergone LASIK surgery worldwide. Based on the achieved results, LASIK surgery is considered the most successful vision improvement surgical procedure worldwide, which is also supported by the fact that more than a decade of clinical research and technological development is behind the procedure. 

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