PRK Treatment

PRK is the traditional treatment technology using one laser, which used to be a pioneer method. The long-term results of PRK treatment are identical with the results of the procedures using a flap, the difference is in the way leading to perfect vision.

Why Should I Choose PRK?

PRK treatment is recommended for those who prefer traditional treatments; who consider the decade-long proof of the success of this treatment more important than quickness and comfort.

In addition to this, financial aspects may be of importance as well: the decade-long tradition of this method allows our Ophthalmology Centre to offer this treatment at a favourable price to its clients.

Our ophthalmologist can offer PRK treatment in that case as well if preliminary tests show that you are not suitable for DiamondFEMTO or OptiLASIK treatment with flap creation. Such reasons can be if you have an extremely thin cornea and due to this the flap cannot be created, or if your cornea is damaged. The reasons for this can be an injury, or if you regularly pursue a combat sport.

Therefore it is important that you should choose a clinic and an ophthalmologist that offer several options. In every case, our ophthalmologists will offer a treatment that complies with the health condition of your eye, however, they will also consider your lifestyle, i.e. what you need now and in the future for a comfortable life without glasses.

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