The Safesystem-FUE Technique (Follicular Unit Extraction Enhanced)

SafeSystem-FUE is the most recent hair transplant method, patented in the United States of America, and we were among the first ones to introduce this procedure in Europe. As a result of the effective cooperation between the Hungarian experts and the American partner the method is gaining more and more ground. 

The SafeSystem hair transplant procedure is a technique which, owing to storage of harvested grafts (hair follicles) in a special follicle regenerating liquid, ensures quicker hair outgrowth, more potent growth and a 10-15 % increase in implanted hair growth.

SafeSystem is a recently introduced patented procedure, an improvement on FUE. Oue specialists are among the few in the world who are in the position to offer this revolutionary new technique to patients.

The scalp will heal more rapidly and, as a consequence, the time to return to normal every-day life is reduced. Surgeons and histology experts at our clinic have developed a new method, which reduces damage to the follicles during extraction, storage and insertion to a minimum.

Precise hair extraction and special storage ensure that entirely intact hairs are implanted during the procedure. This complex approach has made SafeSystem-FUE a much more advanced technique in hair transplant than conventional FUE.

Advantages Of Safesystem-FUE: 

• Compared to conventional FUE, much better quality hairs can be harvested with less tissue damage and, furthermore, less trauma to hair grafts during hair removal.
• The SafeSystem transplant technique allows preservation of critical anatomical parts of each implanted follicle, independent of the number of hairs in the follicle.
• In short, SafeSystem-FUE allows us to harvest grafts in their most viable condition, guaranteeing maximum percentage of outgrowth (nearly 100% in young people and at least 90% in older patients).
• The method allows that intact follicular units are removed selectively with grafts potentionally containing 1-7 hairs (in one graft).

The benefit of this is that:

• Extracted follicles are removed intact and will produce as much hair as is removed (with earlier procedures, greater tissue damage and reduced hair growth could not be avoided);
• Furthermore, a greater number of hairs can be transplanted, using less punches, in a given time.
• That is, much more units, each containing more hairs per graft, are transplanted, with less punches and with greater precision.
• The punches are 0.5-0.9 mm in diameter, small enough to minimise vascular damage on the donor area. The use of smaller devices reduces the size of punches at the site of intervention, allowing complete healing.
• Smaller wounds mean more rapid healing. • In patients with less donor hair density due to the poorer quality of hairs in the donor zone, selective extraction is a particular advantage, with more healthy grafts with more hairs in each follicular unit.
• SafeSystem produces greater hair density in women and involves less surgical invasion than conventional FUE, even when the donor area is smaller.

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