It's time to smile again

Are you ashamed of your smile? Is your self-esteem reduced by discoloured or missing teeth?
Do you wish to be more successful at work and more at ease in your private life?

Experience our cosmetic dentistry services at Beauty Holidays!
Our Budapest clinic offer treatments that are unique in Europe, from the best dentists, at the best prices.

  • The full range modern dentistry at your smile's service.
  • All treatments from tooth whitening to complex smile design.
  • Enjoy shining teeth like a movie star's with our whitening regimen.
  • We provide complex restorative treatments for missing, chipped or broken teeth.
  • Advanced dental implants, porcelain veeners, dental inlays, invisible bridges,
    tranditional crowns, bridges, fillings and dentures.
  • Consultation, examination and check-ups are free of charge.
  • Painless treatment for beautiful smile.
  • You may enjoys your new smile with us in as a little as a week!

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