Dermafix Micro Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

What should you know about Dermafix micro needling (aka collagen induction therapy)? What happens during the first consultation?

The passing of time is indicated most saliently by the ageing of our skin. In addition to the passing years, the skin on our face and neck-line is also exposed to the effects of environmental pollution, stress, and the rays of the sun. As a result of these harmful external factors, the dynamic activity of the muscles of facial expressions, the ageing of our body, and the decreasing activity of sebaceous glands, our skin becomes more and more dry, we get loose cheeks, and wrinkles appear on the skin. This is a process that sooner or later all of us have to face. Luckily, however, we can stop the wheel of time, and can even turn it back.

In addition to face lift, our Institute also offers several types of clinically proven, non-surgical procedures, among them Dermafix micro needling, also known as collagen induction therapy. The various facial rejuvenation procedures that we offer are popular because they are administered on the basis of a specialist's medical recommendations and are aligned to the patient's specific skin care concerns. These procedures give back the youthful appearance of the skin without surgery, and may postpone the need for plastic surgery by several years.

During the first consultation our dermatologist performs a medical check-up, he or she examines your skin and assesses its current condition. During the consultation the two of you discuss which areas and what skin problems you would like to have treated. The dermatologist gives you a personalized medical recommendation about the necessary procedures and informs you about the available therapies and products. Then the two of you together choose the treatment that is most suitable for your skin care needs. You should inform your doctor if you have previously had face lift, wrinkle filling treatment, Dermafix treatment, or any type of facial surgery, as this can influence the type of facial rejuvenation procedure that is most suitable for you.

Dermafix micro needling

Dermafix treatment is a clinically proven therapy that uses micro needles to puncture the skin, thereby starting the skin's natural wound-healing process and promoting collagen and elastin production. As a result the face is rejuvenated, the skin becomes smoother and more even toned, pores are reduced, and lines are minimized. The state-of-the-art therapy offered by our Institute has the advantage over other Dermafix treatments that our device has needles with adjustable depth, so we can always go to the correct depth. When treating wounds, skin remediation requires more needle depth. Around the eyes, on the other hand, less needle depth is required to stimulate the correct skin layer. Dermafix treatment is suitable for treating the area around the eyes and all areas of the face, neck, and décolletage. The therapy is also an excellent treatment option to reduce scars, tighten enlarged pores, and smooth stretch marks.

During dermafix therapy the dermatologist cleans the skin surface, applies a special local anaesthetic cream to numb the area to be treated, and disinfects the skin. The specialized device contains micro needles that are adjustable for depth, so the needles penetrate to a depth corresponding to the patient's skin condition and the area under treatment. The device makes microscopic openings in the skin. As a result, the skin starts up its own self-repair mechanism, promoting the production of collagen. The device is also used to maximize the penetration of active skin care products deep into the skin. At the end of the therapy the dermatologist applies a soothing mask containing polypeptides, plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid. Finally, the patient's skin is treated with Sun protecting cream. Dermafix facial rejuvenation treatment takes 30 to 60 minutes. A course of treatment comprises four sessions scheduled 3 to 4 weeks apart.

The techniques of Dermafix micro needling

The Dermafix used in our Institute is an automated micro needling device. Compared to other devices, it has more and finer needles. The needles are diamond burnished and adjustable for depth. The device takes the form of a pen. The tiny needles are embedded in a small square-shaped area. Using a pre-set frequency (stamps/second), we make perpendicular micropunctures into the skin. The procedure ensures that the needles penetrate exactly as deeply as required. As a result the therapy is more effective than its alternatives, and it only makes micro channels in the skin without causing damage to the treated area.

The treatment does not tear up the epidermis, but at the same time activates the deeper layers of the skin. Due to the state-of-the-art technology, Dermafix treatment involves minimal pain, so it can also be applied to the more sensitive and thinner areas of the skin such as the area around the eyes. Due to the natural boost in collagen production the skin produces much more collagen. The result is a naturally thicker, smoother skin.

Recovery and risks

Dermafix treatment is a non-surgical treatment, therefore we cannot really talk about a period of convalescence in this case. In contrast to other roller treatments, Dermafix treatment allows you to return to work and resume your daily routine already the next day. As the roller causes minimal harm to the outer layer of the skin, only a moderate flush may develop, and the healing period is also faster. The treatment is painless and has no side-effects. After Dermafix treatment you should use sunblock (at least SPF 30) for two weeks.

The results of Dermafix micro needling

The results of Dermafix treatment are already minimally visible right after the treatment, however, the final effect develops over weeks or months. In the days after the therapy the skin becomes fuller due to the skin care products used during the treatment. However, collagen and elastin production in the skin starts about two months after the first treatment session. The final results develop about half a year after a course of four treatments. The Dermafix treatment exerts a lifting, toning, and firming effect on the features, the skin becomes radiant, the fine lines disappear, and the contours of the face become lighter. Dermafix treatment improves scars, minimizes enlarged pores, and lightens the dark circles under the eyes. You will be happy to look into the mirror in the morning. You will have a real time-travelling experience: you will see the 10 years younger yourself.

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