Eyebrow Transplant

Though one may not notice when they have full and well-shaped eyebrows, it’s very easy to identify if your eyebrows have become too thin or are practically absent. When this happens, the appearance of your face may affect your self-esteem and reduce your confidence.

Due to developments in hair transplantation techniques over the past 10 years, eyebrow transplantation is possible and when performed correctly, can provide beautiful results. Whether you’ve gone through permanent hair loss in the area or are starting to experience thinning due to over-plucking or genetic issues, an eyebrow transplant can restore your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Transplantation Procedure

Depending on the extent of what you want done, whether a small amount of restoration in order to cover a scar or a full restoration to thick eyebrows, the procedure can involve the transplanting of anywhere from 50 to as many as 400 grafts per eyebrow, with each graft containing typically one or two hairs. The donor hairs are removed from the back of the head, using the Safesystem-FUE technique.

Depending on how many hairs are transplanted, the procedure typically takes four hours. The transplanted hairs will fall out at around two to three week, then these hairs should start to regrow at four months. During the second and third week, the eyebrows actually look quite nice, given that the hairs have not yet fallen out. Because the donor hairs come from the scalp most commonly, they require trimming usually every 10 to 14 days, and sometimes a bit of grooming is required as well. Over the next six months, the eyebrows will typically get more and more dense. 

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