Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

If you have more teeth or missing teeth, you usually would want to consider dental implants. There are lots of benefits that can be obtained from having dental implants. They are in fact the effective and long-lasting solution to replace your missing teeth.

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Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that not all people are a candidate for dental implants. Read on below to understand more about the factors that will make you an ideal candidate for dental implants.

  • Have healthy gums and teeth
  • Have sufficient bone density that support dental implant
  • Committed to Oral Hygiene
  • Not suffering from autoimmune disorders or uncontrolled diabetes that may impact the ability to heal
  • Have not tried treatment like bisphosphonate medications before
  • Non-smokers/Willing to stop smoking during the process of dental implant
  • Understand that the procedure can take 4 to 12 months
  • Willing to be committed to the dental implant procedure

Apart from all these factors, the bone density is also another ideal consideration if one can get dental implants. You need to have a sufficient bone structure in the jaw that will accommodate the dental implant. If ever you lack sufficient density in your jawbone, the implant may not withstand the forces that are usually exerted by chewing. Thus, your dental implant may unexpectedly fail.

There are times that you may be required of undergoing a bone graft in restoring sufficient bone density in the height in the jaw. In this procedure, it is followed by the use of pre-packaged sterile bone particulate. During the initial consultation, the dentist will tell you if the bone graft will be deemed necessary before the dental implant procedure.

In the event that you also have had a gum disease before, this may somehow affect the candidacy to dental implant. Gum disease is actually the main reason for tooth loss. It must somehow need to be treated first considering the dental implant procedure. This way, you could get the condition under control. When you have successful at your periodontal treatment, you can now move forward with the dental implant.

You could confirm to your doctor if you are a potential candidate to dental implant. Confirm it as dental implants are a great alternative to the traditional removable type. They are a long-lasting and high quality way of retaining dental function. They may not look like regular teeth but they can be taken care of in the same way.

Actually, dental implants only need daily flossing and brushing with regular checkups with dentists. This way, the implants will work well. With proper maintenance and care, dental implants can really last for a lifetime.

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Another thing that you have to remember is that if the bone has sustained deterioration or has been damaged, there are actually some restorative options that may be considered. It is still necessary to go through a careful evaluation. This will be the very first step to consider that will help determine your candidacy for dental implants. Thus, call your dentist today for an appointment!

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