Dental Implant Procedure

Know What to Expect during a Dental Implant Procedure

Developments and innovations have been made in the dental industry, allowing people to take advantage of a variety of services to restore their confidence and bring back their beautiful smile. For a lot of years, people with a missing tooth or teeth opt for either dentures or bridges, but there is now a more valuable dental treatment available – dental implants.

Dental implants have been gaining so much popularity in the industry due to the benefits that this produce delivers. It provides a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth matched to your natural teeth. Unlike bridges and dentures, dental implants improve speech, appearance, comfort, allows easier eating, boost oral health and help enhance self-esteem.

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Whether you are just thinking of getting a dental implant or you already have made the decision to do so, know what to expect by understanding the dental implant procedure:

Your Individual Dental Implant Treatment Plan. Since every mouth or teeth is different, a personalized treatment plan must be made to address your specific requirements. This is the initial step in the process of dental implant. The plan is prepared by a team of trained experts who are experienced in restorative dentistry and oral surgery. 

The Tooth Root Implant. This is a small post made of titanium placed into the missing tooth’s bone socket. Once the jawbone heals, it will then develop around the metal post, tightly anchoring it in the jaw. It often takes 6 - 12 weeks to heal.

When the implant has attached to the jawbone, an abutment, which is a connector post, is then attached to the post to firmly hold the new tooth. The dentist will then make impressions of your teeth to make new ones, and create a model of your bite, capturing all of your teeth, the arrangement and their type. A crown, or a replacement tooth is attached to abutment.

Rather than one or more individual crowns, other patients may have attachments that are placed on the implant that support the removable denture. Your dentist will match the color of your new teeth to your natural teeth. Since dental implants are secured in the jawbone, the replacement teeth, function, feel and look just like your natural teeth.

Things to Remember During a Dental Implant Procedure

Rest assured that you’ll get an outstanding, expert care from your experienced and qualified dentist. You will become comfortable with the sedation option recommended for you. If needed, any tooth extractions that must be done will be completed before the placement of the implant. After the removal of the teeth, dental implants will be placed with the use of a gentle surgical procedure. After the procedure, you will leave the office with your new set of beautiful teeth.

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Losing a tooth or teeth due to an illness, injury, accident or just a simple wear can affect more than just your mouth. It can also affect your self-worth, physical appearance and overall quality of life. Regain what you have lost with professional dental implant services offered by your dependable dentist. 

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