What is Labiaplasty?

The procedure 

Labiaplasty aims to restore and enhance the both the larger exterior and small interior of the vaginal lips. It focuses on the adjustment of the size of labia Minora which is the small interior of the vaginal lips or the labia Majora which is the larger exterior of the vaginal lips.

It is performed by the use of a laser equipment, which is usually used to remove the excess tissue in the vaginal area. This can also restore and rejuvenate the tissue that remains in the area.

In doing this procedure, invisible and thin stitches are used to converged the tissues. These stitches are can be absorbed by the human body in just a short period of time.

Is it recommended for me?

This is suitable for women who complaints about the decrease of sexual pleasure due to excessive weight loss and other genetic conditions because it aims to restore the malformation of the labia minora.

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It can also remove the tissues with a dark skin tone that are usually the cause of lack of self-confidence and insecurity of women.

For the labia majora plasty, it aims to reduce the look and size of the exterior lips of the vagina. This is done through the removal of the excess fat to tighten the skin. Some possible causes of the excessive size of the labia majora are the genetic predisposition, aging, multiple births, and large-scale loss of weight.

It may also be a cause of the genetic anatomy and construction of the female body, which stores amounts of fat in that area.

Advantages of Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is ensured to have an invisible scar because of the use of the Double Wave Laser to provide the best cosmetic result, leaving no bruises or scars on the incision.

This procedure only last for an hour or two, and sometimes it depends on the case of the individual. This is also painless even using a local anesthesia. There is just a minimal pain in the post-operation and it can be treated by painkillers.

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After Labiaplasty

There might be a minor swelling but it can be anticipated until it completely disappears. It does not even require a gauze to cover the area.

Some potential complications or risks of labiaplasty are unwanted changes in the vaginal sensation during sexual intercourse, scarring, ongoing pain, and infection. Labiaplasty is just performed if the woman wants to enhance the look of her labia, and not to enhance the sexual pleasure she feels during intercourse.

There are cases where a patient also feels a discomfort or minimal pain during sexual intercourse after the surgery. The patient needs to wear a panty girdle during the first 10 days after the surgery to prevent the vaginal swelling.

They should not also do strenuous activities for two to three weeks until they have fully recovered. To get a faster healing and effective result, the patient should avoid having a sexual intercourse for six weeks after she undergoes the surgery.

Nowadays, it is already common to combine labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. The first one is done due to cosmetic reasons while the latter is for tightening of vagina. Combining these two varies on the need of the patient.

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