Fat Transfer to Buttocks - How Long Does it Last?

How long is the procedure?

A patient can expect approximately 6 hours for the buttock augmentation with fat transfer to be done. This period already includes the consultation, pre-operative photos, surgical procedure and postoperative photos.

During this period, the patient undergoes the liposuction for removing the fat, and this will be used to add the volume of the buttocks.

Recovery times: step-by-step

The recovery or healing period will take about 3 weeks. During this period of healing, it may take three to four days for the blood supply needs to reach the grafted fat and grow before nutrients are lost.

After the next few days, blood vessels should combine into the graft gradually begin to gain strength.

For another two to three weeks, the tissues, blood supply, fat grafts, and the surrounding tissues should be united together by the mesh of tissues called the extracellular matrix. The extracellular matrix that surrounds the fat graft totally gains the strength to resist the stresses again.

The patient should take a rest during the three weeks period by avoiding movements like prolonged sitting, squatting, and stretching. You also need to take a rest from doing strenuous activities and sex. This is to avoid stress and pressure on the recovering part.

The three weeks period is the most important part to achieve a long lasting result of good-looking buttocks.

After this healing period, it will take a year to see the final result of the fat transfer. During this longer period, the fat is reabsorbed by the body after surgery. However, it could possibly change due to aging.

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The aftercare of your buttocks

With proper health care and care of your buttocks, doctors also say that the buttock augmentation with fat transfer lasts longer. You just need to put in mind the details and advice provided by the doctor to achieve a longer life expectancy.

You just need to take the proper precautions after the surgery. It is essential to make sure that the butt augmentation is successful by doing the doctor’s recommendations and taking care of your diet.

Once you ensure that the fat graft is already healed, you need to have an active lifestyle aside from planning for your diet. This is to make sure that you will maintain your body weight.

Remember, the fats that were augmented on your buttocks are also the same fats gotten on the part of your body. Therefore, they also work like the other fats. The fat graft is totally affected whatever your body weight will be.

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The fats will grow if you gain weight, and they will also shrink if you lose weight. Anything you do with your body will greatly affect your buttock augmentation.

This means, the greater you take care of yourself, the longer you will receive the benefit of the buttock augmentation. You also need to make sure that the risk you endure, time and money you spent should be valued so you need to take care of yourself for a successful result of the buttocks augmentation.

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