Fat Transfer to Buttocks Side Effects

What to look out for?

The plan for having a buttock augmentation with fat transfer is something you need to think over before you fully decide. You need to know the result of the surgery and you need to get prepared, too. If you need to seek a doctor’s advice just to make sure the procedure suits for you, then that is a good action you need to do.

The doctor must discuss the risk factors in buttock augmentation with fat transfer, its benefits, and side effects, too. This is to make sure that you fully understand the decision you have to make and you give your consent to undergo the operation even after you know the possible complications it may bring you.

This side effects sometimes happen as a natural cause of the surgery. However, if a patient did not follow the do’s and don’ts that the doctor informed them, than they are more likely to suffer from this series of side effects.

The effects also depend on the surgeon who performs the operation. Therefore you need to make sure that you seek assistance from a certified and licensed doctor.

Showing off Buttock

What side effects can occur?

Some of the side effects of buttocks augmentation are the blood clots, excess blood loss, bruising, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary and cardiac complications, pain and numbness, infection, lidocaine toxicity and fluid shifts, swelling, asymmetry, oil cyst, hematoma, stretch marks, and cellulite.

It may also cause a fat embolism, which is the lungs inflammation caused by the fat injection in the bloodstream. The worst effect could be the possible revision of the surgery. Fat reabsorption is also possible to occur. There are around 65% to 85% remaining fat that had been injected. After this fat reabsorption condition, a corrective surgery is necessary.

Another common side effect that can possibly happen is the negative impact of the anesthesia, giving a bad reaction. Though these potential complications occur, they should be as low as possible.

Fat necrosis could be one possible effect that leads to a scar tissue because the fat that was transferred on the buttocks lost its supply of blood and this results to firmness.

There will also be skin irregularities on the augmented part and wound dehiscence will also occur. Asymmetry and other side effects can be treated by taking antibiotics.

How to take care of yourself?

Therefore, we need to take time for the consultation to achieve the best results of augmentation process and to reach our goal to have a good shape and full butt. The doctor will ensure that the patient is in good condition before he undergoes the surgery.

Buttock Augmentation

It is understandable that you just aim to enhance the shape of your butt for you to be more confident. It is one of the most important parts of our body and other tend to spend more just to have it cared and improved.

Its purpose depends on the person who wants to undergo the augmentation, but you still need to take care of yourself at the same time to avoid the possible occurrence of serious side effects.

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